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round and round and round she goes…

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Horses on the Loch…

Tomorrow we head to the highlands in Scotland. It’s a beautiful desolate part of the country and I’m really looking forward to taking photographs along the way and while we’re there. Although the vastness of the highlands never seems to translate to a photograph, I’ll attempt to capture what I can. One of my friends suggested desolation often works well in black and white, so perhaps I’ll try that. I remember the first trip I took into the Scottish Highlands, it was 16 years ago, in June, and the empty mountains, devoid of forests, were striking. Since I’m off to the highlands beginning tomorrow I’ll be off the grid without an internet connection. Will be back on Tuesday with a lot of photographs!

Here are two photos taken on the banks of Loch Lomond last week:

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Boturich Gardens and Woods

I really should be posting one photo a day, but the purpose of this blog is to motivate me to take photos, so today, here’s a collection. I spent most of the day with my camera; wondering the woods and gardens at Boturich which overlooks Loch Lomond in Scotland. It was beautiful, warm, and sunny, with temps in the 80’s which is actually a rarity for this side of the country.

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