She's got the heart of a ballerina…

round and round and round she goes…

Tiny Blue Flowers…

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At this time of year, these tiny flowers fill the perennial garden in my front yard; Forget Me Nots, they seem to be called. I have two vases of these flowers poised on my kitchen counter because yesterday was Mother’s Day. On days were small gifts are given, like Valentine’s Day or my children’s birthday, I wrap presents, string balloons, sign special cards, and leave then on the kitchen table as morning surprises. Yesterday, I awoke to home-made gifts, home-made cards, and two vases of these tiny flowers at my place at the table. My children had left me the surprise. Although the gifts alone are treasures, what truly touched my heart was how my children embraced the tradition I began when they were small. Gifts mean little in the grand scope of the future, it’s the memories and rituals which have the strongest effect; it’s tradition that I’ve passed onto my children. Forget me not.

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