She's got the heart of a ballerina…

round and round and round she goes…

Rainbow hue…

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On Saturday, I was sent on a journey by the Elder Hippy, that journey took me to the Grateful Garcia Gathering in Black River Falls, WI. My mission? To meet a few musicians and photograph a few bands. Little did I know the day would start with pouring rain and a lot of mud. The festivities were dampened in many ways by the rain, but once the rain stopped and the ankle deep mud took over, people stumbled out of their drenched tents and began swaying to the music. This was definitely not my first music festival experience, nor was it my first Deadhead experience, but it was my first music festival behind the camera. As I sit here now, I know just how I’d do things differently, I suppose that’s what your first is for, to learn from.

Other than the music, my favorite activity of the day were these gigantic bubbles. A collection of people were standing near a campfire watching or trying their hand at creating these delights. Anyone was welcome, and although I didn’t try, I did capture their rainbow hued beauty.

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