She's got the heart of a ballerina…

round and round and round she goes…

Worth It…


Today I miss my best friend Sue, who would have loved the weekend I just had. Here I am, twenty years after her death, wishing she’d been there, seeing how far I’ve come into this obsession we started together. You would have been amazed Sue, truly amazed, delighted, and having so much fun.

As I walked the beach Sunday, I remembered the jar of sand we collected long ago, that first time I walked the Asbury Park shore.  Life will never be the same without you, but it will always be worth it.


3 thoughts on “Worth It…

  1. really nice, bittersweet post. i’m sure you will miss her the rest of your life. the picture is absolutely stunning. i feel drawn into it as though i’m actually there! xo

  2. Awesome post.

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