She's got the heart of a ballerina…

round and round and round she goes…


Worth It…

Today I miss my best friend Sue, who would have loved the weekend I just had. Here I am, twenty years after her death, wishing she’d been there, seeing how far I’ve come into this obsession we started together. You would have been amazed Sue, truly amazed, delighted, and having so much fun.

As I walked the beach Sunday, I remembered the jar of sand we collected long ago, that first time I walked the Asbury Park shore.  Life will never be the same without you, but it will always be worth it.


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American Red Cross Disaster Relief Info. for South Central New York and the Jersey Coast

My heart goes out to all my friends in NJ, NY, CT, MA, PA, and RI. Instead of a photo today, I send my love and prayers.

The local Red Cross chapters in the regions affected by Hurricane Sandy need all the donations they can get right now. If you wish to securely donate to the American Red Cross – South Central New York Chapter, you can do so here .

To donate to the Jersey Coast Chapter: Please mail a check or money order payable to the American Red Cross to:

American Red Cross – Donations
1540 West Park Avenue
Tinton Falls, NJ 07712

For acknowledgment and tax purposes, please include:
Your name
Address with zip code
Telephone number
Email address

Donations in 78 currencies are accepted.

“We take care of our own”